Planet Webisouduai

Planet of mystical mayhem

A place where worlds merge, reality and imagination intersect and magic is performed.



The Sun Wizard & His Dragon

Briefing Below:

The grand journey has begun; a journey to travel the world sharing the magic of the singing dragon, Airia Laniakea.  You can join this adventure by subscribing to all of our beliefs and practices.

Not really!

We just would like your email to be able to send you important messages, top secret communiques regarding the Dreamworld portal, and event announcements.

You can also make a financial contribution to our campaign of total world domination (by independent and interdependent free thinkers, exercising and growing their human potential to become glorious collaborative stewards of our planet, and creators wielding powerfully the magic of imagination) within 5 years ~ otherwise, known as Operation Sun Journey.

But really, it’s just the simulation of the activation of imagination, played out through music and theatrics to convey a new narrative of future world possibilities.  If you like the awesome we’re creating ~> consider being a Sun Journey sponsor!

Lastly, there are Sun Journey Treasures that you can purchase to help fund our endeavors to conquer our need for control… and to let go and let the magic flow… all inhabitants of Earth thriving… humanity rising… to new levels of consciousness expressing… manifesting through responsible use of all forms of wealth to create an Earth paradise, or at the very least, to aim in that direction.



Zardquest ~ 

A RealWorld DreamWorld video series adventure ~ Coming soon!

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