Emergence of the Dragon

Five years ago I was working inside The Wizard’s Cave ~ my laboratory you might say, situated here on Earth, in the Realworld.  It’s the place where I practice and develop my majik, an art form that is not real… but is dream.  It is Dreamajik, and wow is it Dreamy.  Anyway, as I was working in The Wizard’s Cave I fell into trance.  A CEW portal opened up and I dove in. Off to Dreamworld I was whisked, like so many times before.  But this time, I was taken to a world in Dreamworld that I had heard of but had never been to. As the other side of the portal opened, and I stepped out, there in front of me was the famed dragon, leader of the Grand council of Dragons of the glorious and splendid super cluster of galaxies, Super Cluster Laniakea.  The famed Dragon?

Airia Laniakea


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