Planet Musiki

The planet where mystical muses sing songs of the spheres

On Planet Musiki musik is the majik… and as such, it flows from deep, deep space, through the channels of the Majikal Musik Makers, and the Mystical Muses, both emissaries from the dark void, which is, theoretically, the source of M-Energy.  Accordingly, M-Energy is that which imbues all matter, and all that truly matters, with the single most important element for thriving, in the entire universe ~> Groove!

~Presenting ~

A Dark Night’s Dream

A musical stage production featuring a fantastical dragon didgeridoo and the wizard who created herhim. This dark tale of the wizard’s journey into the underworld and back is filled with primal music that moves the soul, a creepy Sinister Spirit attempting to take it all from the wizard, and exotic dragon-spirits dancing and drumming to help revive the wizard’s light.


The audio & video quality are low on this promo video.  However, we assure you that the live experience is high quality entertainment
For Booking:
Alex Paramo  ~  (505)304-8584  ~


The Musical Magic

Rev LeReve Tsolwizar 

Helios Mothership

Drum & Didge Duo ~ Featuring: Rev LeReve Tsolwizar & Jack Bogliol

Didgeri Funk & Folk ~ Featuring: Rev LeReve Tsolwizar, Dave Hoover, Kimi Foree, & Cody Jones



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